Agency Advantages

Whilst being introduced in the Agency the following can also be achieved:

  • Broaden your circle of friends – both male and female
  • Increase business and job opportunities.
  • Personal development – self esteem, positive thinking and confidence.
  • Have fun socially and get out of the house with people who share common interests.
  • Ultimately share a fulfilling relationship

Why Use an Introduction Agency

Dating & Introduction Agencies offer a personalised service where they ensure that they know as much as possible about you and the people they introduce you to. There is no blind factor such as online dating where you do all the searching yourself, your time is not taken up with trawling for possibilities rather it is spent enjoying the company of potential suitors hand picked for you by these agencies, you pay the money and they will search for your ideal partner yourself. An initial consultation is just the beginning of extensive contact between you and your consultant.

Introduction Agencies are what people used to call a dating agency. A lot of people prefer a dating agency as opposed to online dating because they would rather let themselves do the talking in person. This gives the dater a chance to let their true personalities show. Introduction Agencies and Dating Agencies require involvement and personal time from you. They will give you the dedicated and special consideration you request.

At You and I Introductions – all you’re dating services under the one roof for Brisbane singles!

Our Introduction Agents are full of great guidance to help you find ways to meet your perfect match, whether it be for love, relationships, friendships or casual romances. Whatever it is, you are in the right place!

safest method of dating Safe

Introduction Agencies are known to be safest method of dating. When you join, we give you a sensible guide on how best to manage your first date.

a reputable introduction agency Genuine

You and I are a reputable introduction agency and we will only set up meetings for you with someone we think is a suitable match.

a long standing professional reputation Professional

Joining industry professionals with a long standing professional reputation like You and I Introductions might be your first step to finding your partner for life.