Initial Consultation

In order to better understand how we can help you. Your consultant will ask you, during your consultation to fill in a personal profile form, outlining your current situation, personality and interests, as well as your guidelines to the type of person you are looking to meet.

Once your consultant has a good understanding as to who you want to be meeting, you are guided through and explained the agencies policies and procedures on how and introduction is done and rung through to you. It is important that you are comfortable with the agency and how we work.

By the end of the meeting you will be able do decide whether we can help you achieve the relationship you desire and whether you wish to proceed to the next step, that is, the starting up of your introductions.

Your initial consultation with us is free of charge and without obligation.

safest method of dating Safe

Introduction Agencies are known to be safest method of dating. When you join, we give you a sensible guide on how best to manage your first date.

a reputable introduction agency Genuine

You and I are a reputable introduction agency and we will only set up meetings for you with someone we think is a suitable match.

a long standing professional reputation Professional

Joining industry professionals with a long standing professional reputation like You and I Introductions might be your first step to finding your partner for life.